redpill Hacker Training

redpill Hacker one-on-one online training!

redpill Hacker comes with a 30 page training manual. There are also a lot of videos you can watch and articles you can read. If however you find you still need some help, you can do the online training course.

Course Includes 3 one hour training sessions where the instructor will connect your pc and give you training.

  • Lesson 1: Email setup, payloads and social engineering templates
  • Lesson 2: FTP Server Setup and Password Phishing Website
  • Lesson 3: Advanced Social Engineering Templates and Payload Websites

Please Note: The training has been discontinued as redpill Hacker now comes with a full manual with step by step instructions.

Course Requirements and Terms

  • redpill Hacker License (not included in this course price).
  • Domain with windows hosting option - don't purchase this yet as the instructor will give you tips on this in lesson 1.
  • One lesson per day but subject to availability of instructor. The 3 lessons will usually be completed within one week but allow up to two weeks.