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Cheating Spouse? Don’t be a victim of infidelity. Easy to use Spy Software, Key Loggers, Computer Monitoring Software and free spy software.

Our Spy Software is used by Private Detectives, Investigators, Ethical Hackers, Employers and parents protecting their children from dangers on the Internet.

Please do not use redpill spy programs for cybercrime or illegally and always respect people’s privacy!

KNOW THE TRUTH with redpill Spy

redpill Spy
Secretly monitor everything that is being done on a computer. With this spy program you can see what they where looking at (screenshots). Get all usernames and passwords (key logger). Completely hidden … only you will know.

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Our FREE key logger never expires and is also completely hidden and discreet.

Need to install Spy Software Remotely?

redpill has two products you can choose from to remotely and secretly install a spy program on a computer anywhere in the world.

redpill Agent

Montitor multiple computers with one license. Receive screenshots and logs via email.
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redpill Detective

View screenshots and logs online in your redpil Detective account.
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Start your own Spy Software Business

redpill now has a product called Spy Merchant
You get your OWN SPY PROGRAM with a database system to take care of customers and orders. Want to know more? Click here for more info ...

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